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We take care of your paperwork. You chill.

Free yourself from paperwork. 4,7 of 5 Star-Rating!


Free document scanner with text recognition

Paperwork is annoying! PaperChill helps you digitize your documents and stores them as PDFs with text. You can even add PDFs from other programs, like DropBox.


Quickly find documents with full-text-search

Superfast full-text-search lets you find any document, easily. PaperChill processes all your data on your device. In no case will they be shared with Knowlix GmbH.

Quickly sign and share

Sign with your finger and embed your signature within the PDF. Share using Apple's share function over mail, messages, etc.


PaperChill wherever you are.

If you activated Apple's iCloud, your documents will be available on all your PaperChill devices. You can turn that off in Settings, if you don't want to use iCloud with PaperChill.

Everything in order with intelligent, AI based Tagging

A local AI, running on your device, will automatically tag the type and domain of your documents. Enjoy finding, grouping, signing and getting rid of your paperwork.


Lisa, Selbständige Grafikerin

„Paperchill erleichtert es mir, alle Rechnungen im Blick zu behalten. So habe ich den Kopf frei und mehr Zeit für meine Kunden.“


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