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We take care of your paperwork. You chill.

Free yourself from paperwork!


Make better use of your time.

Paperwork is annoying! PaperChill collects all your documents in one place, makes them searchable and categorizes them.


Your data - not our data!

PaperChill processes all your data on your device. In no case will they be shared with Knowlix GmbH. The app searches only where you allow it to. 


One photo. Done.


PaperChill wherever you are.

If you activated Apple's iCloud, your documents will be available on all your PaperChill devices. You can turn that off in Settings, if you don't want to use iCloud with PaperChill.

PaperChill gets to work. You chill.

All paperwork will be converted to readable text. This can take 1-4 seconds per page, depending on your device. Enjoy finding, grouping, signing and getting rid of your paperwork.


Lisa, Selbständige Grafikerin

„Paperchill erleichtert es mir, alle Rechnungen im Blick zu behalten. So habe ich den Kopf frei und mehr Zeit für meine Kunden.“


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